Can Empathy Be As Effective As Aspirin? The Patient-Clinician Relationship Affects Medical Outcomes

by Helen Riess and Diego Reinero The patient-clinician relationship is a subject that receives much attention in the news, from patients, medical academics, clinicians, and healthcare focused organizations. However, advances [...]

Group medical visits: Promising model for achieving the Triple Aim

by Tom Dahlborg The group medical visits model was originally conceived as a model for well-child visits back in 1974.  With the current shortage of primary care and other physicians, [...]

Thin slices: A doctor’s first words to a patient

by Daniel Wolpaw, MD and Daniel Shapiro, PhD Our article, The Virtues of Irrelevance, was published in the April 3, 2014 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.  The [...]

How can medical training encourage more humanistic interactions with patients?

We recently asked our medical student bloggers:  In what ways do you think medical training could be improved to encourage more humanistic interactions with patients?  Here are their answers: Jana Christian,  Columbia University [...]

National video archive of patient stories used to improve care

by Brandy King, MLIS This post is part of our series of Research Roundups — a list of recently published studies on humanism in medicine. If you would like to be notified [...]

‘Ask what person the disease has’: Mount Sinai students highlight patients’ personal lives

by Marie Oliva Hennelly with Tim Savage and Salina Bakshi 4th year medical students at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai To honor National Solidarity Day for Compassionate Patient [...]