Poetry by Cate Chason: A Gift for GHHS Chapters

Cate Chason began writing poems for the first time while living in the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill, N.C. It was late fall of 2009. Cate’s daughter Lillian had [...]

Best practices: Offering patients real support

By Nia Zalamea, MD Three years into my private practice, I met a gentleman (we can call him “Mr. B”) who was a father of two, husband and contractor. He [...]

Medical (non)adherence: You really have to ask

By Dennis Rosen, MD It can sometimes seem as though the easy part of being a doctor is taking a history, making the diagnosis, and prescribing the appropriate treatment. There [...]

A Poem for Gold, by Eric Ayers, MD

This post is part of our collection of “Gold Nuggets” —  our way of alerting the medical community to original artwork, poetry or multimedia that stimulate discussion and reflection. In [...]

The 800 Project: Providing Support for Physicians in Practice

by Richard I. Levin, MD — President and CEO of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the [...]

What medical students can learn from the Holocaust

by Ashley K. Fernandes, MD   Much has been written about the role of medicine in the Holocaust, shattering myths that physicians were coerced; that there were no alternative choices [...]